Not A Drop is a 48-hour arts event that will use creativity to draw attention to the ecological, social and political issues associated with water.

Not A Drop is taking place on September 28th and 29th 2013 at 47/49 Tanner Street.

About Not A Drop

Not A Drop is working with artists, campaigners, ecologists and innovators to create a unique event to celebrate water. The weekend takes a creative approach to get people thinking about something we take for granted far too often.

Artwork has been selected that responds to the theme of water aesthetically or that deals with the social, political and ecological issues facing the planet’s water. From a bar themed on Mexican water rituals, to political photo essays and scientific experiments, the event will be packed with provocative and inspiring works, as well as expert talks and workshops for kids.

Not A Drop is about much more than art. Born out of a desire to produce projects and events that will enable artists and campaigners to collaborate in innovative ways, the aim is to stimulate and inspire new audiences to engage with the issues raised, and to encourage them to act. The project introduces audiences to a range of amazing contemporary campaigns including End Ecocide in the EU, Global Ocean, Just A Drop, Pump Aid, River Restoration Centre, Surfers Against Sewage, Water Aid, Water for Africa and Waterwise.

Find us

Not A Drop is located at 47/49 Tanner Street, London SE1 3PL

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12pm–6pm, FREE
Exhibition over 3 floors, including film, sculpture, 2d visual art and performance

Kids workshops

6pm–12am, £5 entrance

Expert talks, from Steve McPherson, Tom Jeffreys, Lucy Townsend on the Lost Effra Project and Prisca Merz on the End Ecocide in Europe Campaign.

Bands and live performance

Contemporary music installations from Re:Sound Collective


11am–6pm, FREE
Exhibition over 3 floors, including film, sculpture, 2d visual art and performance

Kids workshops

Screening: Drowned Out, by Franny Armstrong

Screening: The End of the Line

Performance from Bad Host Theatre

Performance from Good Girl and the Bad Times


Exhibiting Artists


Artists participating in Not A Drop are:

Andrew Kotting, Angelo Picozzi, Beatrice Banfi, Bek Lynch, Caroline Halliday, Clara Mata, Clare Misselbrook, Corinne Price, Corrina Eastwood, David Shaw, Elizabeth Jankowski, Ella Harrison & Evelyn Albrow, Emma Cousin, Enrique Verdugo, Fabio Coruzzi, Gerard Bryan, Helen Zajkowski, Hemant Anant Jain, Hortense Le Calvez & Mathieu Goussin, Jade Currie, Jason Howgate, Jeni McConnell & Kerry Morrison, Jenna Jardine, Jerome Beresford, Jo Atherton, Johana Hartwig, John Carroll, John Hartley, Jolene Mok, Katharina Nyilas, Katharine Beaugié, Kibi Schultz, Lauren Ashleigh Pursey, Lisa Shaw, Lucy Knight & Bad Host Theatre, Luna North, Mandy Beall, Mark Corfield-Moore, Matt Gee, Maya Mladenovic, Melanie King, MyLoan Dinh, Nick Snelling, Oliver David, Paul Matosic, Peter Marshall, Robert A. Szynal, Robert Fung, Sam Walters, Sarah Craske & Dr Simon Park, Stacey Blackman, Tim Smart, Venessa Pugh, Ziede Sesplaukyte